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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  December 20, 2012 12:00am-1:00am PST

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they were okay, up until that point. >> dana: did you see the video before just now? >> greg: who told you they were okay? >> bob: what difference does it make? >> kimberly: hold on. in an earlier story 40 cows died. not here. >> eric: all right. no cows died. sure they didn't, kim. that is it for "the five." tune in tomorrow. we'll have sitting here, next to us, bill o'reilly. >> bob: wow! >> dana: if he has to sit next to beckel or me? >> bob: you, not me. >> that is it for "the five." i'm greg gutfeld. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> our top stories, three state department officials
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resign over an internet video that blasphemied the prophet mohamed? what? and is the seattle police department going out of its way to hire stoners? and finally who is "time's" person of the year? the shocking answer that was not so shocking. it feels good to get that off my chest. greg this. >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> glad to see me? >> sure. >> i guess it does president matter because they were going to the -- i guess it doesn't matter because they were 2ing to the transition. >> they could frost the christmas turkey just by sneezing on it which is disgusting. i am here with remi spencer. and if jokes were ice he would be the arctic circle because that's where you find a lot of ice. it is joe devito. and in brazil, he is considered a porta potty. it is bill schulz. and if thoughtful commentary was a library many would enter
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him before finals. sit ks next to me -- sitting next to me, nick gillespie. it is reason tv and and his reporting stinks because he is written by sphynx. not sure if i am happy to see you. >> "less miserables" is about to debut six days from now. nothing that an impartial paper like myself cares about such terrorism tees. six days. six days more ♪ ♪ another day ♪ another destiny ♪ this never ending road to calvary ♪ ♪ it surely will come ♪ six days more ♪ i did not live until today ♪ ♪ how can i live when we are parted ♪ ♪ tomorrow you'll be worlds away ♪ ♪ and yet with you ♪ my world has started
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>> that last bit was supposed to be -- >> all of that goodwill from all of those people saying they wanted pinch back flushed it down the toilet. they put to rest the phony protest. the state department ordered an investigation into the benghazi attack and concluded that they left the console poorly protected and preceded the deadly assault. it confirmed immediately to everyone that a group of heavily armed terrorists carried out the attack. the review suggested 29 ways, not 30. they know 29 ways worked. it is how the department can improve its operations, but recommended no disciplinary action. since its released three state departments resigned. after this mess i need something to cheer me up.
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>> i hope he is not driving. >> so you have 29 ways. i am trying to read this thing through. this is one of those reports that they do that say all of these things that need to be done and that were wrong, and then it is so overwhelming they don't ever do anything about it. >> because hillary clinton is leaving. well, problem solved. we've got a report -- we've got to report that the person in charge is gone now, and we can't blame the new guy. it is awful and hideous. i think part of what you see with this and the press treatment, this is the real meaning of obama's election. there is going to be a lot of stuff that went kerfluie. i don't think the press and
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the government i don't even think the republicans will push it. >> that's bad. >> i think so. i had a cold for awhile. >> it is a combination of two words. >> i think it is in the mad magazine lexicon. >> cerflewie is one of the names of my daughters so tread carefully. >> this is pretty horrible i think. we know something horrible happened there, but some flunkies, remi, well get fired. susan rice will drop out which you are for because you didn't want a woman as secretary of state anymore, correct? >> that's a question? >> there was a question in there, but i was looking at your radiant beauty and i was lost in your eyes. >> wow, who are is this man and what did you do with greg? >> the report is disappointing. they don't place any blame on any individual.
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but we know three state department officials have resigned. as you said, we know something happened. there were failings and short comings from every part of our justice system. i think this together with hillary clinton's flu or dehydration or fainting and then oops she fell and hit her head. the first person out there speaking was carey saying of course she won't testify. i think it gives us a reasonable basis to be skeptical about this investigation and its findings. >> here is the thing,y jo, you know what drives me nuts, the missing ingredient of this report will know exactly what i am going to sai. if there was no -- what i am going to say. if there was no riot who pushed the video and why did they push the video? it is like having a bachelor party without the stripper. it is meaning less if you don't answer the question. >> it is like we have our choice between botched security or a botched cover up. thank you forgiving us those
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two options. i am just glad it is going to be over for the toll it is taking on hillary clinton's body. i am waiting for the old school neck brace and eye patch. >> it will be like the "brady bunch" episode and somebody is throng the suitcase and they turn and they say ah-ha. the weird thing is bill you only come to work when you have a concussion. >> i wasn't even aware i was in the studio. >> bill, defend the administration. >> i think it was benjamin franklin that said f just gets fed up. this is very true here. they did not have the proper security. 29 reasons why they could have done it better. all of these things. one thing i didn't hear was cover up. >> i mean this is what is frustrating is the republicans who are worthless, they turned it immediately into a story about oh susan rice is saying this and other people are saying that.
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the tragedy here or the problem is that four people were killed including the u.s. ambassador. they are talking about no you said this on sunday and this on tuesday. you are missing the big picture. >> i am part of that problem then. i was the one -- i was upset about what was being said because i felt like that was dishonest. dishonesty was a method of covering up incompetence of the other issue. >> and then there is on top of that and that is something we know, obama after that went to the u.n and was talking about how we shouldn't -- we should be really worried about free expression in the united states trickling out. i mean he was denouncing free expression. it is like, screw him. >> and throwing a guy in jail while he is doing it. he is saying we don't want you to like us so -- >> the video was not the cause for this. it was a terrorist attack on
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9/11? gee, connect the dots already. >> they have had ads on pakistani tv to apologize. they don't understand even if it were the case that the video was the source it makes us look weak. the only person who has been put in jail for this is the film maker. >> now i am getting mad again. >> by the way richly deserved based on the film. >> this is why it bugs me -- all of this stuff rehashed gets me angry all over again. the thing that gets me the most mad -- >> don't worry. the election is next month. it will all be different. >> the media. the media would not speak truth to power. i think that's what happened here. that's what get me mad. i said this before and the idea of fox news dismissal syndrome, if it shows up on fox and we are talking about it they say that is a fox news story. >> the story was that f gets fed up and not the cover up.
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when you emphasize the cover up, that's the problem. jay -- >> who was the one who made the judgment call? somebody decided to blame it on the video jie. they claimed that that's the information they had at the time jie. from who? >> forget susan rice or anything. obama spoke in front of the world saying this kind of video is awful, and we need to be careful about offending people. >> why though. >> that video was not the problem. >> totally, i absolutely agree. this was not the only issue throughout the middle east. there was a bunch of stuff like this. a lot of them did have to do with the video. that was the problem. almost every other one did have to do with the video. it is reasonable -- i am not saying it is responsible, but reasonable to attribute the video as well. >> bill, you will hate me for saying this -- >> i don't hate greg.
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>> then why did you set fire to my underwear? >> i do hate your underwear. smelly. >> remi if this was a republican administration liberals would not be making these arguments other than he must be impeached, i think. i hate doing the argument, we do it all the time. in this case it is true. >> get out of here. go. take your beautiful dress with you. >> i don't think it is a fair statement. this is not a simple issue. >> watergate wasn't simple. >> no, that's why it was so boring. i can't sit through "all of the president's men." >> it killed like six weeks of after school programs. >> i remember that the year before i was born. >> i cut you off, remi. >> i understand why you are saying that. >> thank you for understanding that, but -- >> i don't think that is a fair criticism. that's taking the entire
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democratic party and will you pleasing them into -- and lumping them into extremists. >> now you are getting it. how long have you been doing it? >> going on six years. that's what i do. how dare you? >> it is a fact. we are being shown on fox news right now. >> i am talking about me. the point is if this has happened under bush we would be talking impeach meant and i know we would. >> i believe it is bush-hitly. >> bush-cheney-hitler. hall law burton, kkk. >> cheney is clearly running the show. >> from an underground bunker with skull heads, underwater actually, and petting a cat. >> from benghazi to racist. that's the latest about the gop or gop. adolf reid, yes, adolf says the nomination of scott to be the first black senator since
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reconstruction might seem like a milestone it wonts matter because he is a republican. according to a professor black republicans don't cause bough they are more tokens than signs of progress. he says it is not aimed to attract black tots party. to the party. they don't want to be thought as as risist. as proof, he says republics won't gain black support unless they take poll ition its that advance black interest. he points out that scott is staunchly anti-tax, anti-union and anti-abortion. he means high taxes and unions and abortions are black interests. who knew? this raises the question, do puppies like apples?
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>> i guess all while dogs like apples now, right? >> reverse racism. >> i can't believe the messages they are sending through these animal videos. remi, republicans don't nominate minorities. they are racist. it has to be great to be a white liberal ago del mick. academic. >> it wassen fiewr yaiting to read this. -- this wassen fiewr yaiting to read. when is the dialogue going to change from black politician or black voter or -- who cares? this was innately racist. this article was aimed at the most basic principals that i thought our country was moving away from. i don't care how you cover it or how -- what fancy newspaper you are going to put it in.
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it is what it is ssments -- it is what it is. i don't want to talk about the racism. we need to talk about the principals. the republicans and the democrats can start shifting their principal slightly to more of the public's desire. and let's stop talking about this. >> except it is not the right and the left shifting. it is the left. >> and maybe i think we will all agree that when we elect a black president, then racism will be a thing of the past. if that is not good enough re-elect the black president. >> stop ignoring the white side. >> i read this story as more proof that we should have let south carolina saw seed years ago. why did we take them back. they are still causing trouble. >> i didn't see it that way. sbt it nice that -- isn't it nice that all black people can have the same interests? >> and to think that when someone is elected they are not elected to be the senator of black people or the senator of white people. they are elected to represent their constituents.
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to say they don't fit in this particular mold of issues, it is nonsense. this is awesome. you can make it and if the person disagrees you can tell them oh that's what you said. but it is not what you think. you are able to get in the mind of another person and disagree with them. how can you argue against that? >> it is the worst kind of political correctness. people can misconstrue or construe anything in your brain no matter what. i do that to bill all the time and it is quite enjoyable. >> i don't know what misconstrue means. >> yes, you do. it is a construe, but a female. >> another sandra bullock movie misconstrue. oh wait that was the same word. the sequel misconstrue 2. >>- do you have a point? >> yes. i fundamentally disagree with everything remi spencer said, and i will tell you why. you called this columnist racist for making this point,
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and you cannot because he is after combine american. he is african-american. this country was founded on the fact that if you are jewish you can say jewish jokes. >> is this the same thing that espn analysts who apologized, rob parker because he called rg3 a corn ball brother, meaning he is not really black. >> i had never heard that expression, corn ball brother before. >> i think it sounds delicious. it makes me hungry. it sounds like a side on thanksgiving. >> i would go to a restaurant called corn dog brothers. i love corn dogs. i do see a parallel. if you don't tow a particular ideology you will be questioned one way or another. not as an american, but a segment of american. >> well said. >> it is true that blacks vote 95% plus for democratic candidates.
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what could republicans do to woo them. there saw loft negativism toward blacks and minorities. they are giving a rat's ass about what they are talking about. it behooves the republican party with how to they bradden their message and help blacks understand the anti-tax. >> not all birthers are racist , but most are. when you embrace a birther in the middle of a campaign, a lot of african-americans will look at that, and they are not going to look at it too well. >> i agree with you, and i think our kenyan pf born -- our kenyan-born president will. >> my uncle from kentucky will sleep on my couch. i hope he does president throw up in the planter again. >> first, could smoking pot keep you from becoming a cop?
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we report and you make me a big sand witch.
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should cops avoid pot? i must be high. the seattle police department has announced that it is easing up on past marijuana use by job applicants. aspiring officers were immediately dropped if they smoked weed within three years of applying. the department has cut that to one year. washington joining colorado and using pot for recreational use to quote neil young, the times are a changing. explains the assistant chief, in light of the landscape, the three-year rule does not make sense. we are trying to find a middle ground that does not exclude candidates.
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meaning they president cay find anyone who -- they can't find anyone who hasn't smoked pot? the last year. now let's go to a baby otter eating an invisible snack. >> this is where you make a joke about the otters having the munchies and talking about marijuana, but i can't. because i said this is where we go about the joke about the otter having the munchies. >> let's just shoot him. >> that's such a bad idea. nick, an angry anti-drug person would ask do we really want our cops to have a history of getting high? >> yes. it takes a thief to catch a thief, right? what is amazing -- when i saw this i thought this is great. you can get high on the weekend and then come back to work.
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so these april applicants were willing to lie and say i haven't smoked in three years. and now they lie and say it was at least a year. it is retarded. >> that is the most interesting part. if you are going to apply to be a police officer are you going to admit to smoking marijuana? wouldn't you expect the applicant is going to be lying about their history of drug use before they get sworn into the brotherhood? >> what about lawyers? >> what about lawyers? you are asked that question. at least in new jersey and new york both applications ask if you have used it. >> if you answer yes they say are you holding. >> depends on what kind of lawyer. if you are a criminal lawyer -- >> really? >> no, no. >> it is another sign that the war on drugs might actually end in our lifetime. >> it is very reasonable to hear the police chief make that comment. it shows that recreational use
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is being approved. it is no worse than the guy having a couple beers on the weekend. although i miss the one year part. i thought they would eliminate it entirely. a stoned cop sounds hilarious. you could get pulled over and they say do you know why i pulled you over? seriously, do you know why? >> it would be like the seth ro tab en -- rogan movie. >> this is the problem, you will never have legalized drugs with drug humor. everybody is like, you will never take it seriously. in the 50s and in the 40s, they used to have characters on shows who acted drunk. remember foster brooks? they don't do that anymore. you can't act drunk. when people stop acting stoned people are more accepting of it. >> we make hooker jokes all the time and prostitution is legal. >> unfortunately it is.
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>> for alcohol to become leg foster brooks must die. >> do you remember the roast? you don't see drunk people anymore, do you? >> they are seen as abusive when they are drunk. >> we have seen david hasselhoff. >> oh reality show. >> people with talk shows with glasses and weird brown cigarettes in their hand. you think that was awesome. >> do you know what it is? regault shows. that's the only place we can see people wasted like "jersey shore. you have to show the bad things that happened to them. >> i do think it is great if the drug war ends. it will destroy -- cheech and chong will have to go back to work fair. >> sadly drugs make up a big part of my business. >> and your life. >> it has to be weird to
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balance your drug addiction. >> they complement each other. >> give us another person. >> you don't see the drunk character that much anymore. part may be you have the person who drinks too much and the person who smokes pat. the person who drinks way too much. it is not funny. if we realize it is a tragic person, or a person who smokes pot it is tragic. >> the tragedy of somebody would smokes too much pot he often has a career. the guy that is drunk probably has a career in publishing. or television and is therefore wasted all the time, but nobody knows. if you smoke a lot of dope you never get the job because you never apply for a job. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. if you have a video of your animal doing something go to
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fox eye and click on submit a video. still to come, the half time report from andy levy. he never got anywhere.
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let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. how do you like my new voice?
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>> it is fantastic. have i been working on it. >> it is very masculine. >> i figure as older i need more gravity. do you like it? >> you just asked me that. >> we are going to take a break. we will be right back. how does that sound? >> oh i thought we needed to take a break. those hue good it was. that's how good it was. >> i am calling this the vic gutfeld voice. >> very sultry. >> vic has some certain kinds of sexual appetite. >> and probably shouldn't be talked about on tv. >> he lives by his own rules. >> that's why greg will be back tomorrow. >> greg is gonement. >> vic and greg agree, we don't like bill.
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>> you can't talk about mr. mr. o'reilly if he is not here to defend himself. >> why don't you get started? >> i am done. >> thank you for your service. >> absolutely. benghazi report. you pointed out the report listed 29 ways the state department can improve operations. to be fair and balanced, that's 21 fewer ways than there are to leave your lover. >> i thought there were 50. >> that's 21 fewer. vic would have gotten that. >> did you ask for vic? >> i did not. kerflewie is in fact a word. kaput, broken. remi, you said the report does not place blame on individuals which is correct. the report says there is systemic failure. the three officials who resigned is an assistant secretary of state and two deputy assistant secretaries.
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if there is failure shouldn't it go higher up? shouldn't it go higher up? >> i am not suggesting everybody needs to get fired, and it is not because it doesn't name names, but it would be the expense and work that went into it, i would have expected something more specific. and in the context of everything that is happening, it gives everyone a reason to doubt it. >> good answer. you are a hot smokin babe. >> greg, you said the report is meaning less if it does president answer the question of who pushed the video. i don't think that was in the per view of the report. >> i understand. i can't ask that question. >> somebody should. >> have you read this report, greg? >> i did not.
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>> i did not read it either, but i interest printed it out. >> that's more than me. i read the summary which is what people like me do. i was outraged. i understand. i was looking for a bean if a hey stack. >> bill, the same explanation is why the report doesn't meption a cover up. that wasn't the job of the report to talk about that stuff. >> does the report ask what the hell we are doing in libya anyway? it is a good question especially at this po nie t in time. >> bill, i don't agree that f gets fed up and not if there is a cover up. >> i don't think the second part is a story. >> i know you don't think so. >> do you? >> i do. >> you think there was a cover up? >> absolutely. >> i think the american people were lied to.
12:36 am
by men at top levels. low camera sweep away. >> i think bill has been lied to by top men. >> promises of dinner. >> by the way, one of the guys who resigned his name is raymond maxwell. on his website he describes himself as, quote, a foreign service officer, yogurt maker -- >> aren't they all? >> the sad thing 1 he is probably innocent, right? we don't know. somebody has to fall on their sword, and apparently he has to fall on his. >> this is a big problem. why are they using swords? it is the 21st century. >> i am using a metaphor, bill. >> move on. >> the new york times op-ed.
12:37 am
>> a little upset that the author is black. that's my job, buddy. >> i take it all back. >> it is good he did. >> the thing sshame on you for assuming since he is an ivy league professor he must be white. >> you are part of the problem, sir. >> he could be a woman. >> you know why i assumed he was white? i thought he was german. >> adolf caesar, the great actor? >> i don't know who adolf ceaser is. >> have you not seen "a soldier story." >> oh yes. >> he was the drunken guy. >> i finally remember it. you are right. i assumed adolf was a white person. >> and isn't dr. jay's first name adolf? >> ray dueful -- adolf irving. it would be dr. a.
12:38 am
i guess if you have to explain the joke st's not too funny. >> sometimes it is. >> when you said somebody is elected they are not just elected to represent white people or black people. this is really weird. none of the four black republicans who served in the house in his mind they are not connected to mainstream black politics. they were elected from majority white districts. now it is a bad thing that the majority white districts, three of them in the south elected black republicans. >> imagine if the country elected a black president. >> well, the majority of whites didn't help. >> i don't know. is that true? >> i don't think that's true. >> i think it is definitely true. >> i think you are wrong. >> somebody am buds this discussion? >> i will look after. >> remi, you find it hard to believe applicants would admit to prior drug use.
12:39 am
part of that could be you don't want to lie on a state form given that is a crime if you get caught. >> of course it is a crime. does it mean nobody has lied on an application before? >> i have a trusting nature. >> you lied in your hobbies. i remember in your resume you listed in your hobbies you like to shoot skeet and are into water color. i went to your apartment and i didn't see evidence of that at all. >> you are not that naive. >> i don't particular them hope and put them up in your wall. >> and in other interests you said no. then when i got to your apartment clearly you were lying about that today. >> i think he is interested in skeet, but he got the wrong kind. >> those are things i have to do.
12:40 am
>> joe, you thought they would eliminate the product completely. i was curious why they would have any policy anymore. why continue p be like alcohol alcohol like cops can smoke pot occasionally. but it turns out according to the seattle times, because they get federal money and they are still a banned substance they have to maintain drug tree places. >> i will believe the war on drugs is over when the federal policy nears what we have. >> lastly, greg, you were asking before the show what policy the military has on prior drug use? >> yes. >> i think every branch is different. basically if you only experimented with nonhard drugs you are okay. >> really? >> there is no question? >> you are asked. >> if you say s. it is like under five --
12:41 am
15 times for man marg. for marijuana. >> this is where don't ask don't tell would work. >> there is no blood or urine tests. >> they are all over the times. >> that is a great idea for a sitcom. >> and they are only plans a person can make. >> you would have sarah jessica parker as your first mate. >> you know why i am joining the coast guard? i am a strong swimmer. >> i am done. go away. coming up, peppies for everyone. except bill. but first, who was "time" person of the year. since you haven't done this
12:42 am
story you probably have no idea. probably not him.
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did the arab spring lead to insults that sting? the research institute has dug up a tv interview and saying all kinds of not nice things about uncle sam. as you know uncle sam is the symbolic united states character who wears big hats. thought i would put that out there. here it is uncut. >> he has a huge body. i believe there is more.
12:46 am
>> that is almost a compliment. i was president a fan of the overall tone. khalil did have some positive things to say. >> some things are universal, and that is the love of channing tatum. remi you said you agreed with everything khalil said, and the only regret is you can't vote for him. >> which is why i don't talk to you when i am not on the air. >> you must have an opinion of some kind. not just that you are beautiful. >> i didn't see "magic mike"
12:47 am
so i can't -- >> that is unamerican. >> are you kidding me? you didn't see "magic mike"? did you know i went to florida and retraced the steps of that movie? >> channing tatum is not on my radar screen. >> oh my god! who are you? >> he doesn't do it for me, sorry. he is not my type. >> i have never -- >> what is it about being cross eyed you don't find attractive? >> i never kicked anybody off this table in six years, but so close. >> you know why we won't? channing tatum would forgive and forget, and we must as well. >> channing tatum, excuse of the me. excuse me. >> i don't even know what we were talking about. >> i am angry right now. remi, i don't want an answer. it will be a disc on channing day tunnel. we are a little too big for that.
12:48 am
let's go back to that story. do you think a lot of middle easterners feel this way and how would that affect channing t atum? >> the guy said that america we eat like pigs and we are pigs. based on that shop he has been helping himself to mcribs. there is a lot of pork in the mcribs. he has a spare tire. if a jew jumped into that he would have two spare tires. he would have a set of spare tires and a spare. >> does this mean we can stop giving billions in bribes -- i mean foreign aid and give it to channing day tunnel. >> anti-seem terrorism is one thing. that's where we are talking hurt feelings. he crossed the line.
12:49 am
he didn't say that about channing tatum. >> if we could brick it back to eye jipt. to egypt. when they released "gi joe 2" they released more scenes of channing t atum after the success of" magic mike" because they knew he would be that much of a box office draw. look it up. you can get out of here. >> i love how all of the men are fascinating by this guy. >> men appreciate real man and that is channing tatum. >> i am so heterosexual and i will sleep with him to prove that. >> i hillary peteedly. three times a night. >> time for a break. more stuff is on the way. we care. what
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all right, last topic. well, he is their poy toy. "time" magazine definite continued progress has named president obama person of the year. it is the second time bam graced the cover. other choices were mohamed morsi, bill and hillary
12:54 am
clinton and actor tom arnold. we have to put this out there. no channing tatum? >> every single movie he is in has over $100 million each movie. >> the last trade i made on in trade before it was outlawed was on channing tatum foreman of the year and woman of the year. he will be person of the year. this is the most disappointing pick since they named me. i got that copy. >> did you sign it and try to tell is on ebay? >> last year they picked a protestor. should they pick channing day tunnel -- channing tatum as the protestor?
12:55 am
>> why are we talking about news week's man of the year. >> it was one person dumb enough to buy. joy remi, have you one -- >> remi, have you one chance to pick for yourself. >> i remember how much you told me about the movie "magic mike." it should have been channing tatum. i got it out right. >> well, you know it is probably too late. he already moved on. >> not into him. >> well i heard that, and i am so upset. bill, "time" picked you as the eyesore of the year. it is an honor to know they exist? he is still angry. >> forgetting the plate and making my talking point. i feel the protestor should have been the man of the year again. the guy protesting the fact that it wasn't channing
12:56 am
tatum. >> well, all right. there is the music. we will close things out with the post game wrap up. he is no channing tatum. to see clips of recent shows go to fox eye. no channing tattum there.
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see you back here at 5:00 p.m. for "the five." coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" we have sherrod small and imogen lloyd weber weber and gavin mcguinness. wow. time to go back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> hey. >> hey. >> what's up? >> not much. what does reason tv have planned? >> we put out a great video about libertarian christmas movies there are some. >> like what? >>- q. i there is the five-second scene in "it is a wonderful life"


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